Hello, I'm currently completing my PhD with the Centre for Policy Modelling, at MMU.

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I am researching the use of Data Mining on social data. I am interested in data science, Machine Learning, A.I., Conversational Agents, and lots of things, generally.

MSc Computing (Distinction)

For my research project I designed & programmed a chatbot that had long-term memory. You can chat to a more forgetful version of it, here.

Also studied: Artificial Intelligence, Object Oriented Programming, Multimedia & Usability, Information Systems & Management, Computer Networks

BSc Mathematics (Hons)

Developed analytical & problem-solving skills whilst studying a mix of Pure & Applied Mathematics and Statistics.


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(I do have some skills, I promise)


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This website was designed and handcoded using HTML5, CSS3 & JQuery

The chatbot was programmed using PHP, AIML & MySQL

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