Hello, I'm a researcher with the Centre for Policy Modelling at MMU, in Manchester, UK.
I look for patterns in data.


I am a research associate with the cfpm at Manchester Metropolitan University, and am currently in the process of completing my PhD.

My interests are in data, machine learning, AI and conversational agents. Generally, my main interest is in discovering hidden patterns and insights in social data and presenting them in an understandable way. The use of data visualisation often plays a big part in this, and I am also currently interested in mapping data using GIS and considering what effect geographic location has on things.

I also have:

I generally use R, SQL, Python, and GIS in my research, but also have mathematical and programming skills (in PHP, Java, C++, etc.). In general, I like to learn new things and enjoy expanding my skills!


For my MSc I designed & programmed a chatbot that had long-term memory. He is a few years older now, and a little (or maybe a lot) out of date as I do not maintain him, but you can still chat to a more forgetful version here.

Chatbots have become much more popular in recent years and are popping up everywhere. However, in general, it is still a challenge to create a chatbot that can communicate sensibly. My chatbot, Bob, was created using AIML, PHP and MySQL. He is a Space & Solar System loving robot who longs to be human.


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